Why Dynamic Innovation


  • Innovation has tons of uncertainty... how to navigate it?

  • Dynamic innovation introduces the idea that there are two different models of innovation that can be used to reduce this uncertainty, but they require different thinking styles, leadership skills, and thinking processes to make them effective. 

  • Applying management principles that are effective for one model of innovation can be precisely the wrong thing to do with the other type of innovation. Therefore, understanding which model is appropriate to your particular organization or project is CRUCIAL, so that you can apply the correct principles and cultivate more success.  

How is innovation managed, developed, and leveraged?  In a shifting and disruptive environment, this is perhaps the most central business-critical decision that corporations face today.  The innovation imperative is at the center and periphery of crucial conversations in the boardroom, C-suite, and amongst your team members.  There are countless examples of organizations who at their peril ignored or downplayed the necessity to innovate, subsequently dwindling, stagnating, or disappearing.  

On the other hand, firms who excel at innovation strategies are able to revamp business models, launch breakthrough products, and enter markets once thought to be impenetrable.  Innovation cannot reasonably be seen as icing on the cake; it is the vital life-stream upon which the success of the firm is maintained.  Indeed, innovation management is the most crucial vector upon which growing businesses rely.

Our understanding of innovation methods has grown exponentially in recent decades.  Case studies, business press articles, and informative texts compliment are understanding of how to imbue our projects with innovation and ultimately how to launch disruptive products and services. Yet all too often attempts at innovation initiatives fail.  We are in a shifting and tumultuous economic environment in which startups will eat the launch of massive corporations while those same established firms will pour resources into products which never get off the shelf of R&D labs. 

It is crucial for firms today to mitigate the the systemic risk of not fully optimizing innovation strategies.  How valuable would it be to your organization to revolutionize you innovation management practice which at least doubled your ability to innovate and create game-changing disruption?  

The solution is Dynamic Innovation based on the ground-breaking research of John Cromwell.

Dynamic Innovation will open up entirely new creative pathways for innovating within your firm and show you how the latest research can be applied to your day-to-day innovation management decision-making.  This isn’t about sticky notes or cute games.  This is about applicable research based on the latest findings from top researchers in the business management field.

When it comes to innovation you need every tool in your toolbox to succeed.  The Dynamic Innovation Workshop will show you how your team can create disruption by optimizing internal resources with external problems.  The workshop focuses on your specific case to show you how to achieve Dynamic Innovation.  You will walk away from the Dynamic Innovation Workshop with hands-on frameworks and modalities to apply immediately in your organization.

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