Dynamic Innovation Workshop

Workshop Schedule
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    • "When, why, and how to engage in purposeful innovation or emergent innovation. 
    • "A set of management principles that will make purposeful and emergent innovation successful."
    • "How to identify the conditions that require a switch between purposeful and emergent Innovation."
    • "How to introduce a dynamic innovation process to your own organization or project."
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What you will learn in a
Dynamic Innovation Workshop:


The difference between purposeful and emergent innovation.


How to know when to use purposeful and when to use emergent innovation (i.e. how to innovate dynamically).


How to apply dynamic innovation to your particular business case.

Workshop Schedule


Purposeful and Emergent Innovation, Revealed.

In a facilitated case discussion led by Johnathan Cromwell, attendees will analyze two breakthrough innovations from the fields of autonomous vehicles and archaeology and learn about the theory behind the two paths of innovation that we call Purposeful Innovation and Emergent Innovation. By doing so, attendees will become equipped to recognize how these different paths manifest in their own innovation projects.

Flexing Your Creative Muscles


Decades of research shows that creative thinking is an essential ingredient to developing breakthrough innovations, but there are two fundamentally different ways that people can flex their creative muscles. In this session, attendees will work individually to complete tasks that actively engage two different styles of creative thinking—one that helps them develop Purposeful Innovation and the other that helps them develop Emergent Innovation.

Leading the Emergent Innovation Process


Developing breakthrough innovation can be a highly uncertain process that has unpredictable gains, unexpected setbacks, and moving targets. In other words, it can be emergent. Most skills that leaders are taught today—such as defining an inspiring vision, articulating clear goals, and providing autonomy to employees—can be precisely the wrong thing to do when they need to adopt a more emergent process for their project. In this session, attendees will complete a group task and learn about the key ingredient necessary for leading Emergent Innovation effectively.

Developing a Dynamic Approach to Innovation


Purposeful Innovation and Emergent Innovation can both lead to breakthrough innovations, but they operate under completely different conditions and require a different set of skills to be effective. However, they are also fundamentally intertwined with each other, and most innovation projects need a dose of both to be successful. In this session, attendees will participate in a group task and learn to recognize when they need to dynamically shift between Purposeful Innovation and Emergent Innovation, and more importantly, how to facilitate these transitions in a team.