Dynamic Innovation 

A Workshop for Developing Breakthrough Innovation
Based on Award-Winning Research


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Unlocking New Paths to Developing Breakthrough Ideas and Disruptive Products

Every company today wants to create the next breakthrough idea or disruptive product in their industry, but the path to developing these innovations can be highly challenging and fraught with uncertainty. This workshop on Dynamic Innovation introduces a powerful new framework that will help attendees understand how to pursue two different paths of innovation that we call Purposeful Innovation and Emergent Innovation. Through a series of facilitated discussions and exercises, attendees will learn the theory that explains why each path can be highly effective at developing breakthrough innovations, and more importantly will gain first-hand experience to understand when and how to implement each path—and ultimately dynamically shift between them—in their own companies.

Based on the latest cutting-edge research in organizational behavior and strategy, this workshop is a must-attend event for anyone who is serious about developing breakthrough innovations or disruptive products with a systematic process. Attendees will walk away with a concrete set of tools—such as thinking styles, team processes, and leadership skills—that can be immediately applied to developing dynamic innovation processes in their own innovation projects.